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A Long Game: The Story of Slamboree

A Long Game: The Story of SlamboreeAfter 7 years of filming and touring with the notorious Slamboree family Farelight productions presents " A Long Game : The Story of Slamboree ". A glimpse into the trials of touring a band with large roster of musicians and...

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North American Tour

On the road with Farelight Productions North American Tour Leora has spent the last two months on the road, travelling across the US and Canada with a major fashion brand and their hot air balloon.Starting at Canon's Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (a spectacular event...

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Halloween ‘Tim Burton Inspired’ Shoot

In the studio with Farelight ProductionsHALLOWEEN 'Tim Burton inspired look'Studio, Bristol. Wednesday 17th October Happy Halloween!  Last week Lucas collaborated with Painted Peach for a fun studio shoot in Bristol on a Tim Burton-esque Look. Cass, our model, was on...

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Cambridge Folk Festival 2018

CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL, CAMBRIDGE, AUGUST 2-4TH 2018 It's always difficult to say what we expect from a new festival, simply because you never know what could happen or who you'll meet but Cambridge Folk Festival hit all the right notes. We were welcomed to a...

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Downs Festival

What an end to Festival season! Amazing working alongside such a talented media team at Downs festival. We had a blast capturing the iconic moment when Noel Gallagher, lead singer from Oasis, and Paul Weller, front man for The Jam, collaborated to sing Town Called...

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Boomtown 2018

It was another incredible weekend for us shooting for OneEyeIn at the mind-blowing Boomtown Fair.   Once again it was an honour to work with such a fantastic and talented team. Our highlights include photographing legendary artists such as Gorillaz, Ben Harper and...

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Hot Air Ballooning – Bristol

It's only when you're flying above it that you realise how incredible the earth really is. Lucas and Leora had the fantastic opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon over their hometown last week. Bristol, you are truly unique!

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Shindig Weekender 2018

We can change this world together... Our official video for 2018's Shindig Weekender is now out for you all to enjoy... so enjoy away 😁 Big thanks to our entire team for all their hard...

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Panama – Tribal Gathering

"If I'm left high and dry at the end of this wild journey, just taking it is a great feeling." - Olivia Wilde And as quickly as it began, it comes to an end. After a long (yet somehow short) month away for FareLight Productions in Panama, shooting for the one of a...

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