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We at FareLight Productions are proud to bring you this year’s Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival (official) After Movie. Taking this year’s theme of the “media” and it’s truth and lies, we expanded upon our TV channel concept from last year’s video and let our imaginations run wild.

We stick our memes in your mouth, our GIFS in your eyes, and our riffs in your ears.
Expect more from SHITV for 2017, here is a roundup from 2016 to keep your brain numbed sufficiently until next time.

Directed and Produced by FareLight Productions

Massive thanks the students from the creative media course at Bath University and Infinite Ear for additional footage, to Too Many T’s, Dutty Moonshine, and Angela Chan for music and to our hardworking camera crew, Sarah Koury, Scott Salt, Jody Hartley, George Downs and Thomas Scott Evans.